The Mirena Coil Experience

Friday, September 07, 2018

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So it has been a while, a long while and in a way it's been great but quite sad being away from my blog and not keeping up with everyone on social media. But now that everything has been and gone and I'm in a place in my life where I have absolutely no idea what's going on, I thought now would be the perfect opportunity to get back to my blog and do what I love. 

After saying for around 6-7 years that I would never have a coil fitted because I couldn't ever imagine taking my knickers and trousers off in front of a doctor and spreading my legs for them to get all close and personal with my lady bits, I ended up going through this whole experience yesterday and yes, I definitely spent a good few weeks absolutely dreading the day because I really did not want it done, but it was a must have job. 

So let's answer the question why first. Why did I need to drop my draws in front of a doctor? Well, what a long story that's going to be. But for the quick and easiness of this post; my body basically hated the pill. I have tried so many different pills since I was at school mainly due to heavy periods or painful periods and the first few pills I tried brought me out in such bad acne on my face or my shoulders, that I couldn't cope with being on them any longer. I ended up having to treat the acne and take the pill at the same time and it just wasn't going to work for a long period of time. I have then been on a variety of mini pills since because the female hormone not only causes acne but also causes headaches, a problem I have been battling with for a long time too. I finally found a mini pill which was great for me until a year later I was having a period every single week or every other week and I was too stressed and too in pain to deal with that too. Who wants a period every week? No one. I then went through another two pills until I ended up going back to the combined pill called Yasmin. I loved this pill more than anything, I had no spots, my periods were regular, they weren't painful and was in a happy place with my contraceptive pill, until my doctor turned around and said I was at risk of having a stroke; brilliant. Just want a wanted to hear. So the options then came; go back to the mini pill that made me bleed every single week, every single day or to try another method of contraception.

I'm going to put it straight out there, I automatically said no to the injection; so many more people put on weight with the injection and already having weight on my body due to the many different pills I've been on, I really did not want to put on anymore weight. So that was out of the question. My next option was the implant, however the idea of having an implant cut out of my arm leaving me with scars did not sound appealing. So here came the last option; the coil. Copper or hormonal, I needed to pick one.

After two months of going back to my old mini pill which caused so much pain and agro, I decided to book myself in to have my coil fitted on the 06th September. Up until yesterday I had absolutely no idea which coil I was having as there were two hormonal types on the market now. The Kyleena; the coil with less hormones and great for those who haven't had a child as it was smaller, also great for people who struggle with contraception due to the hormones in them. Or the Mirena; the coil with more hormones, it was bigger and mainly for women who have already had children and it's also more likely to stop periods. Sounds great to me either way! I went into the room and spoke to my doctor about the coils and my options and whether or not I've recently had a period etc etc.. the general procedure when you're about to have a coil fitted. I expressed how I didn't mind which coil I had fitted as regardless they both had less hormones than the pill so it wouldn't effect my mental state in any way more than what the pill may have done (that's if it did). So the decision was depending on my cervix and whether my body would let the Mirena be fitted or not. I cannot express how grateful I was for Mother Nature this month as I had absolutely no idea when I was going to bleed and when I weren't due to the pill change; but for once it did it's job for the best.

After signing a form of consent, I was sent over to the bed to undress myself from the waist downwards and to lay at the end of the bed with a piece of paper towel covering my lady area. At this point, the nurse and my doctor knew how nervous I was about having this done and they were doing everything they could to make me feel comfortable which involved a conversation about my many piercings. I was then asked to place my feet together at the end of the bed and to spread my legs as far as I could. You can just imagine how awful this sounds and looked and how wobbly my legs were because I was absolutely dreading the whole thing. 

The placement of the coil started with my doctor feeling me internally and on my stomach to see what direction my cervix was; the weirdest and very uncomfortable feeling I have to say; she definitely was not gentle. She then used a metal tool which opened my vagina up which made it easier to see where to insert the tool which places the coil. Apparently this bit is uncomfortable, painful and cold but I hardly felt a thing and I didn't mind that! After inserting antiseptic gel, we carried on our conversation whilst waiting for that to do it's magic and thank christ, I was able to lay my legs down before they fell off! Around a minute later, I was asked to raise my legs again and I'd say a minute after that I was then in the most uncomfortable pain I have ever felt. My doctor passed a small, thin tube through into my uterus and all I can say about this experience is to breathe like you're having a child. It was uncomfortable like severe period pain, because you could feel this long piece of plastic go up to the top of where your underwear would be and the only way I can describe it is uncomfortable and painful like bad cramping. That was stage two. Afterwards she then inserted the Mirena coil and removed the plastic tube. All that was left to do was cut the plastic threads which help to remove the coil in 5 years time, and then remove the metal tool and it was over.

The whole process of having a Mirena coil didn't take long at all, I would say 5-10 minutes. But for someone who really struggles with period pain, having extremely bad cramping, and then experiencing the cramping until the next day; I'll one day say it was worth it but for right now, I'm still in pain and I didn't enjoy having a tube going through my vagina into my uterus because it was ridiculously uncomfortable. 

If you struggle with the pill and you need to look at trying something different but you're unsure about the coil.. It is definitely worth having the think over it. It took me a good five years to finally decided to have the coil fitted. For the pain that I was in yesterday and the pain that I was in today.. I think I will eventually say it was worth it because I'm now fully protected for five years. But you definitely need to breathe through the whole thing and maybe have a drink before going in just to take the edge of the pain! I contemplated having a piercing done beforehand so the pain weren't as bad. But, if you can deal with painful period cramps then the coil won't be an issue for you!

I'll see you soon

Kimberley Jessica


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