Hello October!

Monday, October 01, 2018

Good Morning!

It's the first day of October and I couldn't be more excited for what this month is going to be bringing me. >>>Graduation<<<; Michael Mcintyre, a hot air balloon ride as long as the weather stays okay.. HOW EXCITING! I have been waiting for this month for pretty much a whole year now, from when I originally thought I was going to see Michael, to also starting my last year of University. How the heck has it come around this fast? I have NO idea, but I'm pretty pleased.

While there are many exciting things happening in the next month, it is also a month of positivity, self care and getting my ass back into gear. I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again in many posts to come, this year has been a struggle! I have struggled with pretty much my whole life from being in my job, being in the last few months at University, my weight, my mind, my blog; this year has pretty much been a disaster and it's not even over yet.

Now that the past month of feeling pretty sluggish is nearly over, it's time to get back into the fitness. I know you're thinking I'm going to the gym but I'm not, that ship has sailed and the membership has finally be cancelled. But that's a completely different story for another time. But this month I'm going to get back into my fitness routine of daily/every other day workouts (I'd like to do at least 4-5 a week), and walking my dogs every single day, even when I'm in pain. And now that I've had my bike for pretty much forever and not actually used it, I'm going to try out cycling and taking one of my puppies! Slow but steady steps, I know we'll get there. 

In October I am also going to focus on what I am eating and drinking. I wouldn't say I'm an awful eater, because I'm not! And I don't drink alcohol, I just do not drink enough water some days! But October is the month where I will be starting my food diary and clearly seeing what I am eating and drinking each day; ensuring I'm drinking enough water and not eating cake every single day like I did in September, oops. I think this part of my life is definitely going to make a difference to how I feel in myself and I think I might be able to see what type of food makes me feel so bloody awful after I've eaten it, because I still have absolutely no idea why I look 6 months pregnant after eating some meals. Does anyone else get like that?
Although this year has been pretty tough and still continues to bring challenges every single day, I'm determined to make the last few months of 2018 a lot better than what it has been. I'm also determined to find a job which will make me happy, not bring me down bit by bit. I'm thankful for the past month even though I have had no money coming in whatsoever, because if I hadn't I wouldn't have realised how shit I have been feeling and how I can change that.

So lets raise a glass of whatever you may be drinking right now, to a new day, a fresh start, fresh energy, new opportunities and a month of being positive and starting every day right. Even if you have a rubbish day, do not let that day effect the next. We can do this.

I'll see you soon

Kimberley Jessica


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