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Sunday, December 02, 2018

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It's been a while, and with a lot going on in my life at the moment, I cannot think of a better post to share than talking about sleep, because I need PLENTY of it! Sleep is something I have shared often on my blog is talking about sleep and how I struggle with my sleeping pattern and constantly feeling tired (more posts to come talking about Chronic Fatigue). But something I have been interested in for months now is tracking my sleep and that's when I decided to get a Fitbit, but a cheaper version off Amazon to try and track my sleep and see how much sleep I get each night, and whether there was a pattern to it or not.

Tracking my sleep was incredible, I absolutely loved it however my cheaper Fitbit didn't really do the job. It was great for the steps but the sleeping really was not accurate. Falling asleep at 11pm every night even if I was going at 9pm? I don't think so.

For that reason, it was time to finally get an actual Fitbit, the real deal this time and I cannot explain how impressed I am with it and I'm pleased to be working with Time4Sleep on this project! I wish I got one sooner instead of buying a cheaper version. I've been using my Fitbit for just over a week now to not only tracking my steps but to track my sleep, especially as my sleeping pattern really wasn't working for me. I needed a routine again in my life. 
Before I started using a tracker I would lay in bed for hours on end, tossing and turning trying to get to sleep but my brain would constantly be on the move, thinking about absolutely everything and anything. I have tried so many different apps to try and fall asleep and I just couldn't find any that actually helped me fall asleep. Although a tracker doesn't technically help me fall asleep, it helps me to see the way I'm sleeping and where I'm struggling to fall asleep. From this, I am then able to track what I'm doing on the nights when I fall asleep easily, and on the nights when I'm not.

I noticed when I didn't wear a Fitbit, I weren't able to easily see what helped me to fall asleep that night and what didn't, but the Fitbit app goes into so much detail about my sleep, it really helps me to understand where things are going wrong at night. I can see how much I'm tossing and turning at night, whether I have woken during the night and the amount of restlessness in minutes too; giving me a precise time of how much I have slept each evening.

Now that I have experience using a sleep tracker (Fitbit), I can't imagine not using one! It never leaves my wrist. I can also track my periods, steps, exercise, how many walks I have been on, my mood and even what my acne has been like. You can also track what you're eating and drinking each day, it's everything you need in a watch/sleep tracker. 

Has tracking your sleep changed the way you sleep at night?

I'll see you soon

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