Have I Got My Life Together?

Monday, February 25, 2019

Good Morning,
I hope you're having a fantastic start to a new week.

Once again I'm starting off fresh on a new week. It's Monday, half term is over and I am back to work and all things education. But that also means bringing things back into my life which have been neglected for a long time now. I've spent the past six weeks feeling pretty rotten. Unfortunately working in a school does mean picking up every single virus that is going around, and having a chronic illness makes that ten times harder, but six weeks on; and I finally feel like me again. 

Something I wanted to speak about here on Kimberley Jessica is having your life together in your 20s, or generally having your life together at any age. Sometimes we think we have our life together when we're a teenager, but let's be honest, no teenager ever does and not everyone does even when they are middle aged. Life just makes to make changes and challenges along the way to test us and the majority of the time, we question ourselves about whether we have our lives together and this is something I continuously question myself. 

Have I got my life together? Do I know where I'm going with life? What are my ambitions for the future? Am I working towards my goals? Am I there yet? How far away am I? and the list of questions goes on and on, and on. 

But sometimes, even when we have our life together, something happens and we start to question ourselves again. But we never seem to remember that achieving greatness comes from failing over and over again and learning from these failures. And how failure are not a bad thing; they help us to become the people we are or want/hope to be. Failing shouldn't be seen as such a negative aspect in life, yet it is. 

So have I got my life together? Right now, with my mental health I would generally say no. I feel like my mental health is failing, I'm failing my mental health and I'm pretty much a bundle of failures. But truthfully and deep down, I would say I have got my life together, in a weird and organised kind of way. I'd say it's pretty complicated too.

I know where I'm going with my life, I know what my ambitions are for the future, where I want to be when I'm 25 and where I want to be when I'm 30. I'm working towards my goals every single day, but no I'm not there yet but I know I will be; I have a date of when I will be and I am happy and content with that. In an organised and questionable kind of way I would say I have my life together but looking at my head space and what's going on right now, I would also say I don't. It's a questionable debate but I'm working towards it every day and I will continue to even with the challenges that face me. I'm proud of failing and I'm proud of what I learn from these failures. 

Embrace your failures, your insecurities and your strengths, because everything you do today is what brings you closer to your goals/dreams tomorrow.

I'll see you soon

Kimberley Jessica

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