New Beginnings

Saturday, June 06, 2020

I'd like to say I'm a girl who isn't afraid of trying something new, accepting change or looking for a challenge - I'd say I often seek challenges and finding new beginnings in fact. I was recently given the opportunity to start something new and to venture into a different area of life which I've looked at previously, questioned but never had the courage to try - I decided to change that. 

On the 1st June I decided to join the Younique family and to support their mission to uplift, empower and validate - building women's self-esteem across the world. I previously had the chance to try a very old mascara which Younique used to sell and I absolutely fell in love with it and how it made my lashes look - If I had to live with only one makeup product, it would be mascara, it completely changes a face in my opinion. 

My goal for joining Younique wasn't to create my own small business where I can work from home etc, which many aim to do - I'm a Primary School Teacher and this will always be my job and my passion. My goal for joining Younique is to do exactly what the company aims to do - to help build the self-esteem of women, to help women and girls to feel confident in themselves and to help survivors of child sexual abuse find hope and healing, which every purchase aims to do. 
This is an opportunity, a new beginning to create something powerful. To empower women to feel beautiful and look beautiful, and I hope I can help women to achieve this feeling. Because I for one have suffered with low self-confidence and self-esteem for far too long, and I aim to change that.

I have created a facebook account primarily for my blog and my adventure with Younique. Please feel free to add me here. And I'd like to thank you for coming on this journey with me, and I hope you also will help to uplift, empower and validate women's beauty. 
I'll see you soon

Kimberley Jessica

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