Hello! My name is Kimberley (or Kim), I am an twenty-one year old who recently graduated with a BA in Early Childhood Professional Studies, who's contemplating everything about life, living in a tiny little village on the border line of Hertfordshire and Essex.

I am an enthusiast of all things 'life' related; I enjoy watching the world go by, analyzing, wondering and questioning; I'm an observer.

I have always enjoyed the smallest things in life; the more little things there are, the more space there is to fill my heart. I also love photography and I believe blogging is one those places where I can share my passion for things that make me feel alive.
Writing has always been a passion of mine, when I was at school it was definitely the subject I was very good at and my teachers were amazed of the stories I would create just from my tiny little imagination. My blog is a place for me to continue my writing where I'm not referencing pieces of research one after the other in essays.

I am also on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat (@kimberleyjessca) and Tumblr if you want to check these out; I love a chat so feel free to pop me a message!

I'll see you soon!
Kimberley Jessica

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